Win the War for Money & Success - Bestselling Self-Help Financial Book by Neil Jesani

Welcome to Win the War For Money and Success. This a bestselling self-help financial book that will help you understand some of the most important financial concepts and strategies to reduce taxes, create a better investment portfolio, potentially double your retirement income and, finally, to create a substantial inheritance for your loved ones or favorite charity.

The first three chapters of this book talk about taxes in general and some tax reduction strategies. The second and third chapters are primarily designed for the self-employed or aspiring self-employed, physicians looking to start their own practice or become “locum tenens,” and successful small business owners. I am assuming most of you will have an accountant to help you with your taxes, so we’ll look at the tax strategies generally beyond an accountant’s scope.

Chapter 4 to Chapter 10 focus on understanding the real world of investments and money principals. It will be a good read for anyone and I believe it will surprise you with some little-known facts and insights. It will provide you the basic framework for any investment decision going forward in your life. Investment decisions might seem small today but they can have a far-reaching impact later on in your life. I want to help you be on the right path from the beginning.

The final four chapters provide you with practical strategies to implement some of the most common financial planning concepts. Chapter 11 covers estate planning, and even though the financial threshold for estate tax is fairly high, we’ll cover some basic estate planning documents required in most situations.

Chapter 12 talks about individual private pension plans, which should be of great interest to both the self-employed and W2 employees alike. The information will help you implement a solid tax-reduction strategy and create guaranteed retirement income. Ultimately, isn’t the purpose of any long-term savings and investment to create retirement income, liquidity and an inheritance for the family?

Chapter 13 will be primarily useful to parents and grandparents interested in saving for future college costs. Finally, Chapter 14 is geared towards people who are near or at retirement. However, it will include useful information for everyone who wants to be able to enjoy the golden years, have a higher retirement income and leave an inheritance.

Even though the book is arranged in chapters, it’s designed for the reader to be able to skip around to any chapter, depending on the information they most need at the time. I hope you’ll keep coming back to it again and again as your life needs change.