About Neil Jesani

Neil Jesani - Experience Financial Planner in USI grew up in a small town in India in a lower-middle class family. It was a happy-go-lucky family with only one bill to pay every month and that was the electricity bill – that was it.  No other bills or taxes to pay every month. There was not much in savings. I never heard of insurance and the only investment we ever did was in the goods for our small business. I learned some basics of business and finance from the small family business but it was my formal education, as well as meeting the right people along the way and the habit of reading, that changed my life and helped me to become a successful financial planner. Certainly, God has been very kind throughout!

I began my career as a commodities trader focusing on precious metals in Dubai after earning my MBA in finance in Gujarat, India. I moved to Citibank Dubai as a private banker before immigrating to the United States. In the United States, I worked with Cowan Financial Group as the Managing Director until I started my first and current company BeamaLife Corporation. I have earned numerous high-performance promotions and awards throughout my career. I have built, developed and managed very successful teams of high achievers. Over the years, I have received many praises for my business acumen and financial expertise from many mainstream media starting from Wall Street Journal, CNN, Treasury & Risk and Fox Business to many industry organizations. I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and recognized by the Consumers’ Research Council of America as one of “America’s Top Financial Planners”.

Over my last twenty years in the world of finance, I’ve realized that most people can’t comprehend the complicated nature of investments, insurance, banking, and other financial concepts. It’s not their fault, of course. There are so many things to understand, process and finally to make sense of. In fact, most financial professionals I’ve met don’t understand them either.

Ironically, the financial services industry has contributed lots of information (and misinformation) in order to advance its own agenda.

As we know, historically the media has played and continues to play a very vital role in any society. Various business or industry lobbies have used the media to their own strategic advantage – some by being in the news all the time and others by staying under the radar. Today, it is very easy to find lots of information about any financial topic you can think of. But the hardest part is knowing what is the right choice for one’s particular situation, what is the wrong choice, and what is the best information available that can help you.

It’s the folks in-between, the middle- and higher-income earners, who are in the greatest danger of paying more than their fair share of taxes, running out of money or leaving their family in despair because of bad financial decisions and general misinformation. They are at war against higher taxes and unfair financial disadvantages, at war against a system that is designed to take their money, penalizing them for the results of their success. They studied well and worked hard to become reasonably successful. Taxes, inflation, market fluctuations, rising expenses, lawsuits, and mediocre financial products and advice are eroding their wealth and eating away at anything they might pass down as an inheritance to their family. If you are in the middle — paying more than your fair share of taxes and expenses and having less and less to show for it — this book is for you.

I was always shy and rather intimidated about sharing publicly the financial strategies I’ve learned over the last twenty years. During my career, I have helped more than 4,000 doctors, 3,000 successful small business owners and many other senior professionals with the strategies contained in this book. We typically talked in a private setting and they were receptive to my guidance and advice, and I’m pleased to say they were more successful in reaching their goals as a result. My faith teaches me that if I am fortunate enough to get a higher education or become the beneficiary of great wisdom, then I’m called to share that knowledge with others, serving the community at large and continuing to discover God’s creation, rather than only accumulating wealth for personal gain. These teachings finally convinced me to share my strategies and leanings with a larger audience, even though this might not be the typical approach of financial strategists.

I always believe in discussions based on empirical evidence rather than someone’s opinion. That is why I have tried to limit my opinions in this book. Instead, I’ve provided as many facts and sources as possible. I hope this book is a good starting point in your financial strategies research and journey to lowering your taxes, enhancing your investment return, doubling your retirement income and potentially creating a legacy for generations to come. Ultimately, I hope it helps you win the war for money and success.